Cecilia, Pacific Gray Whale, Speaks on Forgiveness and Creating a New Story

Greetings dear one, I am Cecilia, the Pacific Gray Whale,
I am here today to talk with you about my amazing experiences in San Ignacio Lagoon. I love this Lagoon. People come to play, giggle and have fun with us. It is joyful. You can feel the energy as soon as you get there. I love going there. I do not have a calf yet. I haven’t had one as of yet. I am very young Pacific Gray Whale. I sit on the Gray Whale Council. I am coming forward today to talk with you about forgiveness.

Forgiving yourself. That’s what we all go through even the gray whales have gone through the healing process of forgiveness. Sometimes its hard to forgive and to let go. It seems like it’s easier to hang to something that seems familiar, what a person said or did to you and keep building that story within you. But it’s time to let the story go. Its time let it leave you now. There is no coincidence that you showed up here today and you are reading this blog.

You came here to let something go. To release it and to move on and create a new story. That is what we all do. We release it and create a new story that serves us and assists others on there path as well. We are not fixing them of course, but assisting. Because you always bring in love, light, and joy into all your creations. Everything that you create. Even if you’re not aware of it. Because that is who you are and always have been. Look beneath that beautiful human body and you will see that soul that shines through that body into the Heavens, Earth, and out into the world that you live in. You’re creating moment by moment. Yes, you are creating every moment with your thoughts and you are doing it unintentionally. You are creating love, light, and joy. Just as I said before always. That is your main goal to come here to create beautiful things. Some have dabbled into so something that doesn’t really serve them or doesn’t feel good and some have dabbled in the magnificent and beautiful creations. That have expanded all over the Universe. You’re in your power always. You’re always creating something that has love attached to it. Always. Your walking through these patterns or beliefs that someone told you in another lifetime or this lifetime. For instance, a family member or friend said something that isn’t loving to you. Don’t let that stop you in creating what you truly want on this Earth. You can do it. You can move forward very easily and gracefully out of the old stories and create new stories for yourself.

Go for what feels good that is my message to you today and everyday. Always go for what feels good. When your testing it out, ask yourself does this feel good to me or does it not. Am I not really being accountable or in my full potential of who I truly am in this moment. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid of others on your path. Always stand in your power with love and light. They will pass or go around you. Or they will stand before you. And ask you for help on their path. That is what it means to stand in your power with love and light. You have this ability and you always had it. Now it’s time to let your light shine even more. Be the leader that you already are in your life.

The animal kingdom is our greatest teachers. The whales and dolphins and marine mammals are your teachers on this planet Earth. Right now. The animal friend sitting next to you or your picture of your animal friend. They are your teachers too. They have helped you along your path already. Even if you don’t know it. They love and adore you. So much gratitude to you and your animal friend always. Love and Blessings, Cecilia and Bonnie, Dolphin Ambassador,

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