Archangel Ariel Teaches on What the Animal Kingdom Does for Us

Hello, I am Archangel Ariel. I am here to speak with you about the animal kingdom and what they do for us. I am so grateful you could join us. Sit somewhere cozy, feel the energy as you read Dolphin And Whales Messages podcast. The animal kingdom loves you, they love working with you, and they want to work with you more. So if you can think of any creative ways to work with them through your heart, and your soul to get on these beautiful projects with them. That would be amazing.

When you sit in meditation, please call on your favorite animal, the tiger, the whale, the dolphins, and dragons. You may not see dragons in the physical, but they are energetically around you and on the planet. So connect with them to work with them on projects for Mother Earth. The animals are our teachers. As an Archangel they have taught me a lot about being on earth, as well as, being elsewhere in the universe, but the main purpose here is to connect you to them. Most importantly, they want to help you remember their relationships that they had with you. Many lifetimes ago you basically walked hand in hand with them or I should say paw in hand with these animals. Both of you worked in service for our planet. It’s all about the beautiful spiritual team connecting in with each other. At one time you connected with them telepathically many lifetimes ago and you can still connect in with them telepathically today. You have those gifts and abilities and now you can open up those abilities today. If you like… They can work with you to enhance your abilities to connect in with dolphins, whales, tigers, bears, and polar bears. They are waiting for you, they are waiting for you to connect. They have been sending you messages, but you don’t hear them.

It’s time to put away the electronics. Sit and meditate, so you can connect in with your favorite whale. You can do this by looking at a picture and you can see their energy in the pictures. So if you have a picture in front of you of an animal you wish to connect with, please look at the picture. Start to connect with their eyes and go deep and deeper. Ask your animal, if they are ok with you connecting with them? Listen for the yes or no answer. It’s honoring the animal. Breathe in and out to get more centered and still within your heart. Begin to ask the animal a yes or no questions. Do you enjoy your food? Do you like to be brushed? Be sure to listen for the answer. Keep practicing and you will get better and better at this. Listen to the podcast, Archangel Ariel Teaches Us on What The Animal Kingdom Does for US, to go deeper into the meditation with Archangel Ariel.

Archangel Ariel and Bonnie, Dolphin Ambassador,